Reel irrigation machine ŁUKOMA 50/210

Reel irrigation machine ŁUKOMA 50/210
Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: G140
product Description


ŁUKOMA reel irrigation machine is designed for irrigation agricultural, vegetable, nursery and other crops with an area of up to 8 ha. It should be supplied with technologically clean water at a pressure of 3.5 to 10 bar. As a pumping station supplying for ŁUKOMA 50/210 are used an electric submersible pump or multi-stage dry pumping stations with a power of 5-7kW. Trucks pumping stations or ICE, and even water supply systems can also be used. ŁUKOMA reel machine is adapted to work with a low-pressure console sprinkler with a construction span of 16m and a working width of 22m.

Construction and principal of operation

Galvanized steel construction. Uniaxial chassis with support wheel. Properly placed center of gravity enables manual maneuvering of the machine in the field. Screw hose stacker with chain drive from the spool axis. Driven by a water turbine through a 1-speed reducer and 2-speed chain transmission, transmitting the drive to the piston valve. PTO input for emergency hose reeling. System ensures evenly hose moving with a mechanical stop switch. Telescopic displacement spurs. Sprinkler cart with variable wheels width, automatically adjusting to transport position after finishing work. HIDRA sprinkler with 3 replaceable nozzles. Flexible connection hose. Security covers.

Technical information:

Diameter of PE hose: 50 mm

PE hose length: 210 m (230 m)

Nominal capacity: 15 m³ / h

The length of the machine with the drawbar: 363 cm

Width: 130 cm

Height: 170 cm

Weight without water: 380 kg

Śr. wąż dł. [mm] / [m]:50 - 210
Dysze [mm]:10 – 14
Wydajność [m3/h]:7 – 15
Szer.pasa [mm]:28 – 42
Na areał [ha]:do 7
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