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Reel irrigation system O.R.M.A. Leader 32 / 70

Reel irrigation system O.R.M.A. Leader 32 / 70

Manufacturer: Łukomet
Model: G734
product Description


REEL irrigation systems are designed for irrigation small hectare areas: agricultural, green planting, parks, forest nursery, gardens, sports grounds, etc.


Construction and principal of operation

The irrigation drum is supported by a two-wheeled frame, forming a single supporting structure machine. Two wheels located on the same axis that hold the main weight of the machine. A rotary handle makes the machine easy to move to a different position. The PE-pipe winding carriage is obtained from a new energy-saving water turbine. A screw stacker is used to precisely lay the polyethylene hose on a reel.

The machine is equipped with a mechanism that turns it off at the end of the coiling reel and turns off the water supply to the drive. The whole machine is painted with polyurethane paint, which guarantees the durability of the varnish coating in any conditions.

Śr. wąż dł. [mm] / [m]:32 / 70
Dysze [mm]:6 - 8
Wydajność [m3/h]:1,9 - 4,8
Szer.pasa [mm]:25 - 35
Na areał [ha]:1-2
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